Do you still hesitate?

  1. I get enough revenue from in-app purchases. I'm not sure why I need AdtoApp.

    Your revenues will significantly grow after integrating AdtoApp SDK. In some cases ads could bring you the same revenues as in-app purchases.
  2. I don’t believe it’s possible to double my revenues. Prove it.

    Take a look at our case studies: games, lifestyle apps, etc.
  3. I sell premium or custom ads. Why do I need AdtoApp?

    Your fillrate is far from 100% when you focus on premium or custom ads. Moreover, this way of monetizing is quite unstable, because your revenues depend ON one advertiser. AdtoApp will guarantee you 100% fillrate and hundreds of advertisers.
  4. I tried to work with other mediation services and it didn’t work well.

    AdtoApp is unique, because it provides smart mediation solution. AdtoApp automatically selects best offers for your inventory, providing you highest eCPMs. You don’t need to keep your eye on the statistics, because AdtoApp algorithm will automatically rearrange your personal waterfall every three hours for each of 190 countries. Integrating AdtoApp SDK to your app, you immediately get access to more than 20 side buyers on demand, united by a smart mediation algorithm.
  5. Why is AdtoApp better than other companies providing programmatic mediation?

    Mobile advertising services are emerging very fast these days. Our developing team has seven years of experience in developing programmatic advertising solutions. We provide flexible solution, smart support and fast payouts. Moreover, most of the companies, that have launched their mediation services, place their clients (demand buyers) at the top of the queue, despite of the real eCPMs they could bring to publisher. AdtoApp is a smart programmatic mediation with the SDK of choice for Android and iOS developers, achieving 100% fillrate and highest possible eCPMs.
  6. Why AdtoApp charges additional fees?

    Free mediation services have quite limited functionality. You could get the same result by doing manually cherry-picking offers from lots of networks. AdtoApp guarantees that your revenues will grow, at least, 1,5 times. You may take a look at our cases, where AdtoApp increased the revenues more than 5 times - but results may vary, depending on your inventory.
    How does AdtoApp algorithm work?
    • we adjust the list of demand-side buyers personally for each app, depending on a country, filtering the platforms on eCPM rates;
    • waterfall is automatically re-adjusted every 3 hours, so your inventory receives only best available offers;
    • we can do fast and easy payouts.
    For all of this, AdtoApp charges you only 10% fees.
  7. I can monetize my app manually and all this programmatic things are for big companies and huge inventory.

    Quite the opposite: programmatic mediation shows the best results on the small inventory
  8. We don’t want to integrate a third-party SDK because they could cause errors.

    AdtoApp SDK integrates only trusted platforms that are focused on optimising their SDKs. We also plan to add API and RTB requests, so the number of errors reduces.

Payouts and revenues

  1. How frequently do you do the payouts?

    AdtoApp makes the payouts once a month.
  2. How do you process the billing?

    AdtoApp doesn’t process any billing on its side, all platforms do this depending on the offers they provide (CPM, CPC, CPV etc.).
  3. What’s an average eCPM that you could provide?

    Our aim is not to provide you with average CPI but to bring you the highest eCPM available along with 100% Fillrate. AdtoApp integrated more than 20 platforms, who guraantee a strong demand and filters them every three hours on eCPM rates. First AdtoApp selects the platforms who offer the highest bid and then goes down the list, providing your app with 100% Fillrate.
    Here is the list of average revenues by countries:

    Country iPhone, $, av iPhone, $, max iPad, $, av iPad, $, max Android, $, av Android, $, max
    Australia 10,8 21,6 13,8 27,6 3,3 6,6
    Canada 3,5 7 4,5 9 1,1 2,2
    China 1,4 2,8 1,9 3,8 0,5 1
    France 3 6 3,8 7,6 0,9 1,8
    Germany 7,5 15 9,5 19 2,3 4,6
    Italy 2,8 5,6 3,6 7,2 0,9 1,8
    Japan 15,6 31,2 19,9 39,8 4,7 9,4
    Netherlands 4,7 9,4 6 12 1,4 2,8
    Russia 4,3 8,6 5,2 10,4 1,1 2,2
    Singapore 7,5 15 9,6 19,2 2,3 4,6
    South Korea 8,1 16,2 10,3 20,6 2,5 5
    Spain 3,6 7,2 4,6 9,2 1,1 2,2
    Sweden 7,9 15,8 10,1 20,2 2,4 4,8
    Switzerland 6,5 13 8,3 16,6 2 4
    UK 4,8 9,6 6,1 12,2 1,5 3
    USA 7,2 14,4 8,6 17,2 1,7 3,4
    If you have a good DAU, your revenues will be closer to X and AdtoApp will need less time for calibrating itself. If your DAU is quite low - your revenues will grow to 2X.
  4. But our eCPM is $15 already! What could be better?

    That’s a good achievement, but AdtoApp still has a potential to grow your revenues just by adding more platforms with better offers, which will have a strong influence on your fillrate.
  5. Does your calculator make a real forecast on my possible revenues?

    The forecast is correct but it doesn’t consider the app category and features. Please note we assume that 1 DAU brings 5 impressions.
  6. What is the connection between DAU and eCPM?

    It is not so obvious. But usually you will have the highest eCPMs for the apps with lowest DAU. Anyway, AdtoApp always brings you the most expensive offers available.
  7. Do you have any limitations on payouts?

    Not yet :)
  8. What are your fees on payouts?

    Category Price/GBP Price/EUR Price/USD
    Virtual Card activation and delivery FREE FREE FREE
    Plastic Card activation 5.00 7.00 9.00
    Plastic Card Delivery FREE FREE FREE
    Receiving funds to card 3.00 3.00 3.00
    Purshases (POS) 0.35 0.35 0.35
    Monthly 1.95 1.95 1.95
    ATM/Cash Withdrawals 2.35 2.95 3.45
    ATM/Cash Withdrawals decline 0.55 0.55 0.55
    POS CashBack 2.35 2.95 3.45
    PIN Retrieval 0.75 0.75 0.75
    ATM Balance Inquiry 1.00 1.00 1.00
    Monthly Dormancy (after 4 month with no activity) 5.00 5.00 5.00
    Foreign Exchenge 2.75% 2.75% 2.75%
    Card 2 Card/Email Transfer 2.75 3.50 4.00
    Customer Servise (24/7) FREE FREE FREE
    Online Banking Tool FREE FREE FREE
  9. What is the minimal amount of impressions to be counted for statistics?

    From 5000 and up to 10000.

Upcoming updates

  1. When do you plan to release the plugins for Cocos2D, Marmalade, Adobe Air, PhoneGap, Xamarin etc.?

    We are currently working on it, this update will be launched in a couple of weeks.
  2. When do you plan to use small formats?

    We are currently working on it, this update will be launched in a couple of weeks.
  3. Do you plan to add rewarded formats and native ads?

    Yes, we are currently working on them.
  4. Are you going to aggregate the offerwalls like the Tapjoy does?

    We plan to add this feature but not in a following months.
  5. May I manage sources or banners manually, switching them on and off?

    At this moment we can do it for you, just send a request to support. Soon this option will arrive at your dashboard.
  6. Is there any referral program?

    Yes, you may read more on how it works here.
  7. Are you going to release the Reporting API?

    Yes, we plan to do that.
  8. May I define the lowest acceptable eCPM for me and switch off the offers that won’t match it?

    At this moment this option is not available but we are going to add it soon to your dashboard.
  9. I have an agreement on exclusive ad placement. May I rotate your ads with other demand buyers?

    We will add this option in a couple of months. At this moment you realize this function on your side.
  10. I am already working with the demand buyer from your list, could you please exclude him from your waterfall?

    Yes, please send this request to our support and we will do that.
  11. Can I do the cross-app promotion using AdtoApp?

    We are developing that functionality, and it will be launched in a couple of months.
  12. Can I do A/B testing using AdtoApp?

    This functionality is not available yet, but we are going to launch it this summer.

Safety policy

  1. We don’t want adult content to be placed at my apps.

    Our demand partners will never serve adult or prohibited content via AdtoApp.
  2. My license agreement with Apple says I should not monetize my app circumventing the Apple itself. Do Apple and Google allow mediation?

    The license agreement points out that all in-app purchases should be done via Apple. Publishers can use any advertising networks they want to, including mediation services. We have already integrated AdMob (Google ad network) to AdtoApp SDK and iAd (Apple ad network) will be integrated soon.
  3. How many authorizations will I see at Google Play?

    1. INTERNET(Allows applications to open network sockets.)
    2. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE(Allows applications to access information about networks)
    3. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE(Allows an application to write to external storage.)
    4. READ_PHONE_STATE(Allows read only access to phone state.)
    5. RECORD_AUDIO(Allows an application to record audio) - only Mmedia
    Other authorizations are optional, we don’t need them.
  4. Does AdtoApp give priority to his direct clients at waterfall?

    We do have direct clients who act as demand buyers via our own network Appintop, but they are placed at waterfall along with other sources by the same criteria.
  5. I have an app for children. Will there be consequences, if I'll be using your ads?

    We are using COPPA. This solution helps to prevent children from viewing ads that are unsuitable for them. Apps with rating 13+ will not be included in rotation. This setting is automated, no additional actions are necessary from your side.

Technical issues

  1. When will I see first impressions?

    You need to wait 3 hours since the SDK has been successfully installed.
  2. Do I need to remove the SDK of the demand buyer who is already integrated to my app and also presented at AdtoApp SDK?

    You can do that, or send us a request for removing that buyer from your waterfall. Anyway that won’t have an influence on your revenues.
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